The smart lead retrieval badge scanner for live events worldwide

Exhibiting Companies

Capture detailed sales lead data with ease.

The Badge Scanner converts any camera enabled smart phone into a powerful lead capture device which, supported by a live online reporting dashboard, and with no need for a permanent data connection, provides a valuable exhibiting support tool.

The Badge Scanner is a cost effective app delivering high value capability to help both exhibitor ROI and retention for future events.

The Badge Scanner helps deliver the ROI all parties are searching for.

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Event Organisers

Your service, your data, your revenue.

The Badge Scanner can work with any visitor registration database, thereby enabling event organisers to provide lead capture capability directly as part of the exhibiting value proposition.

Event reports provide organisers with all exhibitor scan data to help with future planning in addition to the opportunity to control cost and app revenue.

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Maximise ROI

Live events are a financial investment for organisers and exhibiting companies.

All businesses aim to maximise the return on their investments and live events are no different.

Organisers look for exhibitor retention while exhibiting companies look for sales leads.

The Badge Scanner helps to maximise the ROI for all parties.

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